The MiG-31BM Foxhound is a two-seat Mig-25 Foxbat derivative designed to intercept the U.S. B-1B bomber flying at low altitude below the radar coverage. The multifunctional long-range fighter can destroy both air and ground targets.

The MiG-31 is one of the world’s fastest tactical fighters in with top speed of Mach 2.83 and a range of 1,450 km. Upgraded to the BM variant, it’ll stay in service till 2028 – 2030.

The armament suite includes up to 10 R-37M or RVV-BD missiles with an operational range of 320km (198mi). The range is 189km (117.5 mi) for stealth targets. The missile is designed to shoot down AWACS and other C4ISTAR aircraft whilst keeping the launch platform out of range of any fighters that might be protecting the target. It can attack targets ranging in altitude between 15–25,000 meters (5 – 82,000 feet).

The R-37M is capable of tracking its targets with both semi-active and active radar homing. The missile can also use a fire-and-forget mode where it is completely independent of its launch platform. Its high explosive fragmentation warhead is huge — 60 kilograms — and capable of critically damaging large aircraft. The speed is incredibly high – about 7,350 km/h or Mach 6.

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