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Although several models have been designed, the current definitive variant of the "Flanker-E" is the Su-35S single-seat multi-role fighter in service with Russia, albeit in small numbers. The "heart" of the Su-35's technological capabilities is its "Irbis-E" phased-array radar. In addition to allowing the Su-35 to change from a fighter to a bomber at the touch of a button, the "Irbis-E" is also able to detect low-profile ground targets, unconventional (such as stealthy models or cruise missiles) or unmanned aircraft, and an advanced Doppler system. Basic defensive armament is comprised of a formidable GsH-30 cannon with 150 rounds of 30mm ammunition at its disposal, and although mainly intended for air targets can be used to an extent against ground units as well. The Su-35S's advanced target designating systems allow the GsH-30 a level of accuracy not found on previous generations of aircraft, and keeps it in the same league as other 4.5th Generation fighters. For short range air-to-air combat or defence, AA-11 "Archer" ASRAAMs (Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile) are stored on 12 underwing pylons. Up to 8000 Kg of weaponry/ordnance can be equipped, including AA-12 Adder AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles). The Su-35S's weapons give it a range of 300-400 Km, allowing fighters to be fired on shortly after they appear on the Super Flanker's radar. Rockets and dumb bombs can be carried, but guided and smart munitions primarily compose the "Flanker-E's" Air-to-Ground (AG) suite. Kh-29, Kh-31, and Kh-59 missiles are an option, but the Su-35S can be modified to equip a variety of international munitions as well.

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