Can US defences stand up to China's hypersonic missile?

South Korea installed the THAAD anti-missile system last year to ward off dangers from North Korea's nuclear programme but China also sees THAAD as a threat to its own defences.
"China's HGVs ... could destroy the THAAD radar system if there is war between the two countries," Wong said.
"Once the THAAD radars fail to function in the first stage, it could reduce the window to raise the alarm about the PLA's [ICBMs] ... leaving the US without enough time to intercept."
The DF-17 test missiles were launched from the Jiuquan launch centre in Inner Mongolia and flew about 1,400km during the trial, The Diplomat reported.
Chinese state media first reported on the country's HGV technology in October, with footage of the system in a hypersonic wind tunnel in various arrays.

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