FORGET F 35! All Countries Should Be Buying Saab’s Gripen Fighter jet

When comparing the Gripen to other fighter jets, that are available on the market, things look very positive for Saab, despite the difficulties finding clients. The jet can outcompete the Eurofighter for instance in a number of key areas. Whilst there is never a perfect fighter and each will have its downsides, the Gripen’s lower price tag is not backed up with lesser performance. Whilst being nearly $40m cheaper than a Eurofighter the Gripen has a better range, higher speed, less weight and lower operating costs. Currently the Eurofighter can provide a larger range, of variant types to suit different operating roles, but ultimately the Gripen can carry all relevant NATO spec weapons, so countries are not lumbered with new weapon costs or retrofits.
Gripen’s overall cost of a fleet of 150 NG Gripens for more than 40 years is approximately $22bn. Which when compared to the F-35 that the USA and UK, are purchasing is significantly cheaper at 48% of the cost of a fleet of 65 F-35As. So effectively a country could purchase a great deal more fighters, and still save money over the F-35. Ultimately unless the country is requiring some unique, and staggeringly expensive stealth technology, (which is the technological focus of the new breed of top fighters) then the Gripen is, an extremely good package for the money compared to what else is available.

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