Trump: iran's nuclear deal may be canceled Totaly

United States President Donald Trump, on Monday, October 16, 2017, said a complete halt to Iran's nuclear deal was possible. Trump has revoked its support for the nuclear deal and given time to the US Congress whether to impose sanctions on Iran.
"I am very confident in what I have achieved I have benefited from it.This may be the total cessation of the Iranian nuclear deal, a real possibility, some people say it's a bigger possibility," Trump said, quoted by Al Arabiya website.
Trump, on Friday 13 okotber, refused to continue Iran's nuclear deal. According to him, Iran has violated the agreement by developing nuclear for military purposes.

Since reaching Iran's nuclear deal by 2015, the US Congress requires the president to re-approve the deal every 90 days as evidence Iran is implementing its promise. Since serving as US president, Trump has twice ratified the nuclear deal. But he refused to do it for the third time.

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