10 Rare facts of Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ ‘Moskva cruiser’ - D...

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10 Rare facts of Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ ‘Moskva cruiser’ - Deadly NightMare For US

Moskva (Russian: Москва — "Moscow", formerly Slava (Russian: Слава — "Glory")) is the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class of guided missile cruisers in the Russian Navy.

The ship is currently named for the city of Moscow.Recommissioned as Moskva in April 2000, she replaced the Kynda-class cruiser Admiral Golovko as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet.

Project 1164, Atlant, Slava, Moskva, BLK-COM-1 and Krasina are all designations given to the first ship of a new class of Soviet Rocket Cruiser. As is true with all Soviet and modern Russian warship designs the new cruiser was known by a project number, in this case Project 1164 Russian Code Name Atlant. To the west analysts saw a new shape emerging in the slipway of 61 Kommunara Shipyard 445 in the city of Nikolayev on the Black Sea. Clearly it was the first of a new class of major Soviet combatant. The first NATO code name was BLK-COM-1 (Black Sea-Combatant-Design 1) and then briefly the NATO Code name Krasina. However, soon after NATO learned the Soviet name for the initial ship, Slava, a traditional Russian name meaning Glory, and the class was called the Slava Class Missile Cruiser.

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