Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World

WWW.IDHOLAY.COM - Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World – Defence News –  Already a natural human desire to build something bigger, faster and stronger than before. In the military world, this argument is true, for centuries the various countries in the world are trying to make the strongest military the strongest and biggest arsenal, especially for the navy.

Have a great navy has become a symbol of strength and power of a country. Also reflects the influence of these countries in the world or also to smooth his will to the state or other nations. Although air power technology, nuclear weapons and space in the 21st century is increasingly sophisticated, but the navy’s role is irreplaceable. Transporting entire army to the whole world, dominating the territorial waters or as the sender of a political gesture to other countries.

An assortment of naval ships have made the world. Ranging from tankers and supply vessels to cruise ships and aircraft carriers. Such vessels are generally large and tends to attract attention. Especially aircraft carriers and cruise ships, both types of these vessels are usually equipped with weapons and missiles capable of carrying large and too many aircraft.

Outside of nuclear weapons, has a large warship remains a symbol of the strength of a country. In 1906, the British Navy has shown to operate HMS dreadnaught, modern warships first large (160 meters long), and has good speed and armament. This is the first milestone triggers the world competition in building large warships. Until now, the navies of the world continue to compete to be who has the largest warship, the best armaments, and the most sophisticated.

Do not compare the size of large warships today with the giant ships during World War II. In terms of tonnage, the battleship Yamato (72,000 tonnes) of the Imperial Japanese Navy (as the largest warship in World War II) lost tonnage of 100,000 ton aircraft carrier belonging to the US Navy today. Warships below we sort is not based on tonnage, but based on its length. Here’s 10 largest warship in the world by 2014.

10. Class Izumo (Japan) – 248 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
JS Izumo (DDH-183) shortly after it was launched (06/08/2013). Picture: Dragoner JP / Wiki Common,Izumo new one Class ships being built for the Navy Self-Defense Forces of Japan, while the other ships are still planned. Izumo is a helicopter carrier whose sole purpose is to hunt down and destroy enemy submarines. Izumo capable of carrying up to 14 helicopters, 970 personnel or a few dozen vehicles.

With the price per unit of about $ 1.2 billion, Izumo is the largest and most sophisticated warship built by Japan since World War II. In addition to helicopter hunter submarine (ASW helicopters), Izumo less equipped with offensive weapons, only a few melee weapons and surface-to-air missiles for defense purposes from air attacks. The Chinese government considers that with minor modifications, can also operate the Izumo fighter jets, like the F-35 stealth jet.

9. Class Kirov (Russia) – 252 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
Unlike the Izumo class, battlecruiser (battleship) from the Russian nuclear-powered Kirov class loaded with various types of weapons. Built and operated between the end of the 1970-1990’s, only four ships of this class were built. The price of current estimates of the Kirov class ships is approximately USD 2 billion (Rp 23.9 trillion). Currently only one class operating Kirov, three other siblings are and will be undergoing the process of upgrading to later resume operations.

In terms of weaponry, Kirov regarded as warships very scary. Bringing the surface-to-air missiles to shoot down enemy missiles and aircraft, missile surface to surface anti-ship long distances, fiber some kind of anti-submarine weapon. At the beginning of his presence, the size of these ships and armament startling United States. No one if after Kirov start operated by the Soviet Union, the United States and then back ‘turn’ back and upgrade four Iowa class battleship ship during World War II to compensate.

8. Class Wasp (US) – 253.2 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
USS Bataan (LHD-5) of the Wasp class while training operations in the Atlantic Ocean (07/17/1999) During World War II, the Navy and the US Marine Corps get a lot of lessons about the importance of special ships to land troops in enemy territory. The US then invest the money in large quantities to build warships were able to land and support the troops in enemy territory.

Between 1989 and 2009, eight Wasp Class boats were in operation the US for each of approximately USD 750 million (USD 8.9 trillion). Wasp capable of carrying 1,900 Marines, also capable of carrying dozens of attack aircraft, helicopters, tanks and other armored vehicles. In addition to operating in the Middle East and Asia, Wasp Class US also used in humanitarian missions and disaster relief.

7. Class America (USA) – 257 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
USS America (LHA-6) back to Mississippi after undergoing sea trials (11.09.2013) As well as Wasp Class, Class America is a kind of amphibious assault ship built by the United States. USS America, is the first and the latest ship of this class, the larger and more sophisticated than Class Wasp estimated price per unit of approximately USD 3.4 billion (Rp 40.5 trillion), considerably more expensive than the previous US amphibious assault ship.

Compared Wasp Class, Class America is able to operate larger aircraft, such as the fighter jet F-35 Lightning II and transport aircraft MV-22 Osprey. This capability makes it different from a small aircraft carrier. In terms of strength, depending on the mission of the run, the ship is capable of carrying a wide variety of transport helicopters, assault and attack. Capable of carrying almost 1,700 Marines, also capable of carrying tanks, artillery and other vehicles.

6. Class Charles de Gaulle (France) – 261.5 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
Charles de Gaulle is currently operating in the Atlantic Ocean (11/08/2006) Being the only boat in its class, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is the first surface ship French nuclear-powered and also as the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that is currently operated outside the United States Navy. After the construction was delayed due to the economic crisis, the carrier is finally completed and commissioned in 2001. It costs about $ 4 billion (Rp 47.7 trillion). Besides being equipped with light weapons and missiles for the defense, the French aircraft carrier is able to operate 40 aircraft and sailing for more than 20 years without refueling.

Charles de Gaulle, including the ship quite often problematic, ranging from a broken propeller, poor construction, high radioactivity of the nuclear reactor and the flight deck that is too short for certain types of aircraft operated. However, the carrier has taken part in French operations in various parts of the world, including the war with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

5. Class Clemenceau – modification (Brazil) – 265 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
Aircraft carrier São Paulo Brazil. Picture: Netmarine / Wiki Common In the range of 1961-2000, the French Navy operates two aircraft carrier Clemenceau Class. When the time France wants to upgrade a second ship, the ship finally canceled while the other one (Foch) sold to the Brazilian Navy in 2000 for USD 12 million (USD 143.1 billion). By the Navy of Brazil, Foch then given a new name: São Paulo.

Since purchased from France, São Paulo has undergone many upgrades, including the flight deck, engines, sensors and defensive weapons. Not hard for Brazil to seek contractors, most of the devices upgrade has been provided by the French defense company. Not long ago the Brazilian Navy operate this aircraft carrier, in 2005 and 2012 there is a fire in the ship, killing and wounding a number of the crew. Currently, the ship is capable of carrying 39 aircraft (A-4 Skyhawk) has offensive capabilities.

4. Class Kiev – modification (India) – 283.5 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
INS Vikramaditya India when sea trials. Image: Indian Navy / Wiki Common INS Vikramaditya is one of two owned aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. Ships of Class Kiev which was originally named Baku started operated by the Soviet Navy in 1987. In 1996, when the Russian economy tangled, Russia is no longer much rolling the funds to support the operation of military weapons, even the majority of many on sale.

In the know in 2004, Baku was purchased by India for USD 2.35 billion (Rp 28 trillion). As part of the purchase contract, Russia agree to upgrade your ship as you wish India and equip the Russian-made aircraft. This upgrade includes the placement of heavy weapons and adds to ski-jump at the end of the flight deck to change its initial function as a carrier-carrier cruiser became fully. In 2013, the INS Vikramaditya started operating the Navy with the ability to operate 36 aircraft.

3. Admiral Kuznetsov class – modification (China) – 304.5 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
Liaoning is the first aircraft carrier to be operated by the People’s Liberation Army Navy of China. The aircraft carrier was originally named Riga during the era of the Soviet Union, then in 1990 renamed Varyag. The carrier has not been operated by the Soviet Union because of its construction has not been completed when the Soviet Union collapsed. Because construction is done in Ukraine, the carrier automatically become the property of Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, all of the equipment has been stripped (empty).

In 1998, China and then buy the aircraft carrier “blank” of Ukraine for USD 25 million (USD 298.2 billion). In 2012, the carrier is now operating under the name China Liaoning. Liaoning China is equipped with anti-missile defense systems, aircraft and submarines, and able to operate 30 fixed-wing aircraft. As China’s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning is intended for pilot training mission in the carrier. Before China builds its own mother ships.

2. Class Admiral Kuznetsov (Russia) – 305 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Unlike aircraft carrier other Russian aircraft carrier the Soviet era is equipped with heavy weaponry and offensive, including a missile heavyweight remotely anti-ship, tens (or maybe hundreds) missile surface to air and other forms of weapons of anti-submarine, apart from aircraft capable of carrying. In accordance with weaponry and abilities, Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier cruising considered a true heavyweight.

Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier of this class which is owned by Russia, the other ships had become possessed of China (see # 3). The aircraft carrier began enlisted with the Russian Navy in 1990, also became the only true carrier-owned Russian. In the case of air transport capabilities, Admiral Kuznetsov is able to transport more than 30 fixed wing aircraft and a dozen helicopters.

1. Class Nimitz (US) – 332.8 meters

Top 10 Biggest Warship In The World
USS Abraham Lincoln (Nimitz Class) during training operations in the Gulf of Alaska (04/19/2012) Mother ship of the Nimitz class is the largest warship in the world today. With a price per unit of approximately USD 4.5 billion (Rp 53.7 trillion), Nimitz became the most expensive ship of all ships on this list. Ten Nimitz class vessels have been built by the United States, allows the military to dominate the world. Besides operated for military tasks, super 100,000 ton aircraft carrier is also used for humanitarian and disaster relief including when the tsunami tragedy in Aceh in 2004 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

Nimitz is able to operate 85 to 90 aircraft (of various types). Payload capability substantially exceeds the capabilities of the entire freight carrier in the world. Nimitz is also equipped with weapons and missiles as protection from missiles and enemy aircraft. Nimitz service life is expected to reach 50 years. While anticipating the retirement of ships Class Nimitz (Nimitz were first launched in 1972), the US Navy has also started construction of Class USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier Nimitz greater than the estimated price per unit of USD 9-12 billion (Rp 107 trillion – Rp 143 trillion).